My Kitchen’s Story is the name of a new exciting project ongoing at Euroquip.

Every kitchen has a story to tell and we are very keen to hearing yours!

Are you a business owner, a chef, or a manager using our catering equipment? You are the perfect candidate to be featured in one of our next videos then!

How does it work?

We will come at your venue for asking 5 simple questions (below) in front of the camera:

  1. Can you make a presentation of yourself and of your business?
  2. Why you have chosen this location?
  3. What type of food/cuisine do you propose to your customers?
  4. Can you talk about the catering equipment provided by Euroquip?
  5. Can you summarise your activities starting the sentence “In a few words – name of the business – means…”?

The project is totally free of charge! Don’t be camera shy and contact us today at!

Get inspired! Have a look at their stories (links below)! Now we are looking forward to hearing from you!


Brasserie Bread

Operation Zaatar

AcquaFresca by Pilu

Al Taglio – Art of Pizza

Zippoli Cafe & Dessert Bar

Vanto Restaurant

Pizzeria on The Road

Siderno Pasticceria

Taste of Turkey

Pane e Vino Trattoria