From Turkey to Sydney. That’s how Hasan Sula‘s journey began. Hasan is co-owner at Taste of Turkey, an innovative Turkish restaurant in Newtown (88-90 Enmore Road).

The idea was bringing the Turkish culture in Australia through delicious food. The innovation? Simple: offering fresh traditional food with a modern twist. 

Turkey cuisine is very well known in the world for the famous Kebab. Beyond that that, Taste of Turkey offers a variety of traditional tasty food like Pide, Chargrilled Meat, Mezes and desserts.

Taste of Turkey has chosen Valoriani Verace

Chef  Halil Dilber has chosen the quality of a Valoriani wood fired oven (Verace 120 –photo on the left) for making his amazing dishes (video above).

His famous slow cooked lamb, the Pide, and the rice pudding are just a few examples of what he can make with this fantastic oven.

Halil is absolutely satisfied of the result (watch the video above).

In a few words, Taste of Turkey means traditional Turkish food with a modern twist.

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