Euroquip, exclusive Australian  importer of commercial catering equipment

Euroquip is the exclusive Australian importer who handles a large variety of leading commercial catering equipment brands, from some of the best-known manufacturers in the business including Coldline commercial refrigeration, Moretti Forni commercial ovens, Staff Ice System gelato machinery and Valoriani wood fired ovens. They are the very best in quality and precision engineering in commercial catering equipment for the food service industry.

Moretti Forni - Commercial Ovens - Kitchen Equipment Moretti Forni S.P.A, leading Italian manufacturers of pizza ovens, bakery ovens, and premium catering equipment. With a history rich in tradition and passion, Moretti Forni is today the absolute leader in the production of electric and gas ovens & equipment for pizzerias, patisseries, and bakeries. Their Italian roots and traditions, passed down from generation to generation combined with an innovative thrust of new management have all contributed towards Moretti’s globalization, the brand has now spread internationally and there are now installations in 120 countries worldwide.
coldline commercial refrigeration - premium catering equipment  Coldline  high-quality commercial refrigeration range that landed on Australian shores in 2014 and is exclusively imported by Euroquip. The range includes blast chillers, preparation counters, retarder provers and of course refrigerated cabinets. The range is specifically designed to meet the specific needs of the Bakery, Catering, Pastry, Pizza and Ice Cream industries. The products are high quality and innovative in design and technology.
Valoriani Forni - Woodfired Ovens - Hospitality Equipment Valoriani Forni With over 50 years’ experience in creating traditional Tuscan woodfired pizza ovens that are installed and used in some of Australia’s most highly regarded restaurants and are A.V.P.N approved. Vesuvio Wood Fired Ovens manufactured by Valoriani brings the finest quality woodfired pizza oven range to Australia. In a short period of time, Vesuvio Wood Fired Ovens have become market leaders for both residential and professional in Australia.
Staff Ice System Ice Cream Makers Staff Ice System manufacturers of multifunction machines with the ability to create gelato, ice cream, granita, custard crème, jams, yogurt, pannacotta, mousse, hot sauces, risotto, cakes, and fillings.  Staff Ice Systems has always valued constant research, development, design and a high level of respect for the environment. With over 50 years’ experience, a passion for professionalism, the introduction of a new generation, great enthusiasm and a modern mentality Staff Ice Systems are set to continue their success well into the future.
FBM food boscolo machines logo FBM Food Boscolo Machines manufacture plants and machinery for chocolate makers, pastry chefs, restaurants and gelato shops. Founded in 1977, Food Boscolo Machines FBM, manufacture plants and machinery for chocolate as well as baking applications that are distributed worldwide to professional chocolatiers, bakers, restaurants, and hotels as well as industrial factories and large corporations.
Regina Pizza Tools and Accessories - hospitality equipment Regina Pizza Peels 100% made in Italy, Pizza Tools & Accessories for professional Pizza makers.