Queen Victoria Building is one of the oldest sites in Sydney. A place where history and tradition come together. A perfect spot for   lovers of traditional foods: that’s the location of  Vanto Restaurant (1/455 George St – Queen Victoria Building, Sydney NSW 2000).

Vanto in Italian can be translated as “proud”.

“In a few words Vanto means great quality, authentic traditional Italian food and unique result”. That’s the way how Luigi (Gigi) Peluso, pizza chef and co-owner at Vanto Restaurant describes his business.

Vanto is more than a simple Italian Restaurant

What’s important for a genuine Italian Restaurant is tradition. That’s why you won’t be able to find on the menu any chicken on pizza, or (even worst) pineapple… instead, it proposes authentic old traditional Italian dishes as home made “porchetta” (seasoned pork roll slow cooked for five hours), slow cooked lamb or “panuozzo”. 

What’s Panuozzo?

The “Panuozzo” is a wood fired cooked sandwich: the most traditional Panuozzo that Vanto offers is the “Salsiccia (sausages) & Frijiarielli (a kind of wild broccoli. A native plant of the Vesuvio area – Naples)”.

Besides these particular kind of dishes, Vanto offers customers home made pasta, a wide range of antipasti, mains and of course pizza.

About Vanto’s Pizza

Luigi Peluso has more than twenty years experience as a pizza chef. The strength of  Vanto, besides Luigi’s experience is the variety of the pizza dough they offer. Indeed, at this restaurant, you can also choose a few different healthy options as the wholemeal or the gluten free pizza base.

A quality pizza is always made by a quality oven

That’s why Vanto Restaurant did choose Forni Valoriani GR 120×160. “I am really happy with the oven I have got. It has been working for nine years non stop. Still cooks as the first time as I switched it on…” Luigi Peluso affirms.
Great taste and quality of food and of the equipment of course. Vanto is definitely a place to experience.

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