A touch of Southern Italian cuisine is based in Panania (Sydney – NSW)!

At 163 of Tower Street you can find today a traditional dish that put its roots in Calabria (Italy), long long time ago.

“Zippoli has very simple ingredients. Very hard to master. The art of making Zippoli…”. 
That’s the way how Anthony Furfaro, owner at Zippoli Cafe & Dessert Bar describes his signature dish.

But what’s Zippoli? 

Zippoli is an home made food commonly prepared during festivity as Christmas or Easter (depending on the cities/villages and their own traditions) in Calabria.

And… what about the recipe?! What is it made from?

The dough (fried) is made of water, flour, salt, potatoes and yeast. 

“Also, some people made it without potatoes but in our Zippolis we do in the traditional way and we include mash potato inside. That’s why we get that nice fluffy texture and very crunchy outside” Anthony says.

Zippoli Cafe & Dessert Bar creates its food also with a modern twist, offering new types of toppings and fillings as chocolate, custard, ricotta and nutella  (photo).

Last but not least, the anchovies ones, the most traditional ones (although the Australians prefer the sweetest options …).

A journey which has began one and half year ago at the night markets, where Zippoli had some success.

Later on,  the project ended up in a proper cafe at disposal for many people’s requests.

Besides of making Zippolis, the cafe offers also pasta and, moreover, pizza.

Zippoli Cafe & Dessert Bar uses Moretti Forni IDeck (Mod. PD105.65 – photo), an high quality electric oven for a great result! 

The taste of Zippoli’s pizza is amazing, thanks to the quality of of their ingredients and of the oven of course!

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