From one of the most beautiful Italian island (Sardinia) to one of the most beautiful island in the world (Australia). It’s how Chef Giovanni Pilu’s journey began.

Today he owns three restaurants in Freshwater  (North Sydney): Pilu at Freshwater, Pilu Baretto and, last but not least, AcquaFresca by Pilu.

Surrounded by a stunning landscape, AcquaFresca by Pilu is a kind of Trattoria-style restaurant. A simple menu, fresh food and a friendly staff is the key of success of the last creature of Giovanni Pilu.

Besides  offering “Antipasti”, freshly made pasta and some traditional Sardinian food, the menu proposes many interesting types of pizzas like “Pizza alla Bottarga”.

About the equipment

“If you close your eyes and I make you a pizza with a wood fired oven and I make you a pizza with an electric double deck that we have here, I don’t think that you can tell the difference… for me it’s the best of the best”. It’s how Chef Giovanni Pilu presents his Amalfi Double Deck Oven serieP by Moretti Forni (photo).

In a few words AcquaFresca by Pilu means great ambience, beautiful Italian food and an amazing location.

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