From Siderno (Calabria – South of Italy) to Sydney is how Gianni and Frank Roccisano’s journey began.

Their project “Siderno Pasticceria” is more than a simple pastry shop, it’s a way of tasting traditional Italian desserts done right!

This is the story of a must try!

Roccisano brothers are getting inspired by Siderno, their home town.
“Siderno is a town along the beach where there’s a lot of bars, cafe and pasticceria. People enjoy desserts and coffee after a dinner walk. Unfortunately here we are not on the beach but we are in a bread new shopping centre in Narrellan Town Centre (Narrellan – 2567 NSW) – Gianni Roccisano says. 

The variety of products you can find at Siderno Pasticceria.
The best word that can describe Siderno Pasticceria’s products is “tradition”. Made from fresh ingredients the flavours of their desserts are simply amazing. The ricotta cake (one of the best seller) is a must try! Other Italian desserts like the tiramisu, the cannoli siciliani, the sfogliatelle and the biscotti are also unforgettable. A new entry in Roccisano’s family is the house made gelato and granita (a smooth icy and fresh cream made by seasonal fruit).

Apart from a big range of cakes and pastry products, you can also find a lot of savoury dishes (like pasta, lasagna, gnocchi, salads…) freshly made by Siderno Gourmet.

About the equipment.

For Siderno Pasticceria quality is really important. That’s why they choose Euroquip.

RT51 by Staff Ice System (photo on the left) makes their house made gelato, granita and different type of custards.

serieF Convection Single (COMP F105E 1/S) by Moretti Forni bakes their famous ricotta cakes, croissants and biscotti. This amazing oven is also used by Siderno Gourmet to bake their home made lasagna!

In a few words Pasticceria Siderno means tradition, quality and experience…

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