Convection Ovens, Baking Equipment: SerieF FanBake By Moretti Forni

Moretti Forni - Commercial Ovens - Kitchen EquipmentThe serieF Fanbake convection ovens by Moretti Forni is a family of electric convection ovens, which represent the top quality in the bakery ovens market. The highest quality technology and a particular attention to reducing costs make the serieF a wise choice for bakeries and patisseries. The serieF-Fanbake range, with its modern and polished design, fascinates at first sight and the advanced technological features make this kind of commercial oven, the leader in its category. All models are equipped with double tempered glass door, stainless steel interior, control panel without protrusions for easy cleaning and sophisticated electronics with a white display.
Heat is an ingredient. A recipe is not just doses and techniques. You need perfect baking equipment if you want to offer excellent products. The serieF Fanbake commercial oven guarantees perfect cooking for pastry and bakery.

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