Bassano Del Grappa (Veneto – North of Italy) to Sydney. Is how Enrico Sgarbossa‘s journey began.

His project “Al Taglio – Art of Pizza” is more than a simple pizzeria, it’s a new way of tasting pizza.

This is the story of the first “Gourmet Pizzeria” of Australia.

What “Gourmet Pizza” means?
Today, a few pizza places are offering this option in their menu. What does “Gourmet pizza” mean? This new concept of making pizza goes beyond the traditional way.

“Gourmet pizza means the combination between the chef skill and the pizza maker combined together. We re-reinvented classic dishes of all around the world” Enrico explains.

The type of pizza that you can find at “Al Taglio”.
As a start, “Al Taglio” offers a sourdough base. Its not Neapolitan or Roman style pizza. It’s cooked with a tomato base (or other ingredients like cheese depending on the pizza). When the base is ready, the pizza is topped with fresh and pre cooked ingredients.

Enrico’s pizzeria uses seasonal ingredients. This is the reason why the menu changes every three months.

About the equipment.

Enrico Sgarbossa has been using Moretti ovens for a  long time. He is the ambassador in Australia for Moretti Forni.

“Al Taglio” uses Amalfi Double Deck electric oven”. 

This oven is very good for cooking his gourmet pizza. It’s also a perfect choice for baking other products such as bread, focaccia and croissants.

A multi awarded pizzeria.
Thanks to Enrico Sgarbossa‘s passion for pizza and creativity, “Al Taglio” has received many awards from different organisations.

One of the most important, gained not long time ago, is the one from Gambero Rosso. “Al Taglio” gained “3 spicchi”, one of the most important recognised awards in the world of pizza.

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