Work in progress. The Australian Team that will participate at  The “World Trophy of Pastry, Gelato, and Chocolate“FIPGC 2019 in Milan is ready!

From different parts of Australia (Gold Coast, Melbourne and Sydney) the team members have been reunited to discuss their  brilliant ideas for the competition in October in Italy.

The team, coached by Chef Luigi Stivaletta (from Australian Patisserie Academy – TAFE NSW) met at the Euroquip Kitchen in Padstow (Sydney).

The idea is to bring authentic Australian flavours and proudly show them to the rest of the globe.

Jo Barrett (Co-Executive Chef at Oakridge winery – Melbourne) said about the competition: “we are going to use the elements and take what grows around us… something that is uniquely Australian. We have got beautiful ingredients here that the rest of the world don’t really know about… things like Bunya nuts, finger limes, blood limes…”.

Chef Adele Di Bella (Specialising in Pastillage and Gelato) explains that: “Many countries think Australia don’t have culture, but in fact we do… we are not just shrimps on the barbie or we don’t just have an Opera House… we are more than that! We want to show what we can do with native ingredients because they taste amazing…

Bujinlkham Chuluunbaatar, well known as Bujin (Specialising in Chocolate for the competition and Pastry chef at Palazzo Versace Gold Coast) is very keen to use these particular ingredients for her pralines.

A piece of Australia will be in Europe with its flavours and chefs.

We are looking forward to seeing them at work! Hope you are too…

Stay tuned!