Today we will meet Chef Jo Barrett.

Jo is part of the team that will represent Australia at The “World Trophy of Pastry, Gelato, and Chocolate“ by the International Federation Of Pastry FIPGC.

This competition will be held in Milan (Italy) in October 2019.

Nice to meet you Jo!

1. Can you make a little presentation of yourself? 
My name is Jo! I’m born and bred in Melbourne and very proud of it. I’m currently the Co-executive chef at Oakridge winery in the Yarra valley.

2. When did you start you career in hospitality?
When I was 15 I started washing dishes on the school holidays at a local cafe. I studied hospitality at school and started full time my apprenticeship in 2006 when I finished school. 

3. What do you like most of this industry?
The creativity, the technique, the connection with the land and ingredients, comradely of the kitchen and I love how food can bring all walks of life together.

4. What’s your specialisation?
Pastillage and gelato. 

5. Is It difficult to make one creation? If yes, can you explain why?
The hardest thing I find about pastillage is creating a smooth and fine finish. The sugar dried and cracks very quickly as you work with it. The finer and intricate the work becomes the easier it is to break! 

6. How long does it takes you to make one?
It’s takes months of planning and practice to create a centre piece. Not only does it have to be creative it has to be engineered to stand. 

7. Where do you get your inspiration from?
I take inspiration from nature. I love the colours and shapes and how they change with the seasons. 

8. Will you eat your creations after you create them? ?
No! Hahah maybe just the gelato… 

9. In October 2019 you will represent Australia. Can you share with me your feelings about this competition?
I never expected to be representing my country in anything. I’m so proud to be apart of this team and to be traveling to Milan this year. Its even better we have the opportunity to show the rest of the world how amazing Australia is with the topic of “national art and tradition” there is so much that is not known about Australia and I cannot wait to share that. 

You can follow Chef Jo Barrett on Instagram here: Jo Barrett