Today we will meet chef Luigi Stivaletta.

Luigi is the coach of the team that will represent Australia at “The World Trophy of Pastry, Gelato, and Chocolate” by the International Federation Of Pastry FIPGC.

This competition will be held in Milan (Italy) in October 2019.

Nice to meet you Luigi!

Can you make a little presentation of yourself?
I commenced my training in the industry early. The passion for the trade was literally in my blood. I was born, into a family of three generations of producing Italian bread and patisserie specialties.

Since the early days I have been using family recipes to bake breads and patisserie products that date back eight generations. I have used and developed these formulas in my  own businesses, such as, my  wedding cake business, a patisserie bakery and my restaurant cafe for more than 20 years.

Over the years, I have achieved qualifications and degrees in Patisserie, Commercial Cookery, Confectionary, Diploma in Vocational Educational Training (VET) and Master Degree in Administration (MBA).

Also, I have committed to maintain Professional Development, Workshops and the upgrade of certified courses and tertiary education.

Furthermore, I have achieved incredible skills in bakery patisserie products, chocolate, sugar artistry and cake decorating. I have received a number of gold medals to my name in national and international World Skills competitions and business awards along the way.

Moreover, not only did my passion for the trade had given me the opportunities to travel and continue the learning processes of the industry, but encourage me to become the Technical Advisors for the marketing and develop department for EOI foods.

There, I endorsed skills and knowledge of experiences, in Quality Control, food science, marketing and the formulations of recipes, for the new recipes books.

Hence, as the head of instructors at Planet Cake in Sydney, Australia, I demonstrated and held a series of cake-decorating classes in Malaysia. Also, as a Technical Consultant, organising projects by advising and teaching companies, such as Sophies (China) and Criniti ( Australia ) in the manufacturing and processes of  food products.

When did you start you career in hospitality?
The start to my career in hospitality forayed into cake decorating and was not an accident, Firstly, in my teenage years, while still in high school; I was forced to attend cake decorating class, because my parents wanted me to act as my sister’s chaperone, while she studied the course. From there, once I left high School, the journey continues.  However, many times I have tried to leave the industry but for some reason or another, it drags me back right in.

What do you like most of this industry?
What I love the most about the industry is the end results of the finished products. The satisfaction you receive when accomplishing the tasks to finish the products and the skills you acquired to perform the task. Finally, the pleasure the customer receives and enjoys the finished baked product. As they say, we all love a “Pastry chef “

You are a TAFE teacher, what do you like most of your job?
I love teaching as it brings out the best in me. This is where I get to incorporate the fun side of this business to what is serious work.

I encourage student to learn, as I am willing to participate through the learning process. As a teacher, the challenge in teaching is the ability to coach the slower learner over the vibrate quick learners, also, to share in their joy when they have accomplished what they come to learn,”

Furthermore, the achievements and accomplishment of the values that are learnt from students as each individual has their own stories and ideas to share….strategically, I also acknowledge, observe and learn from my students, through the learning process of delivery in each session.

What’s your favourite dessert?
Vanilla Bean Crème Anglaise Gelato, served with a raspberry Coulis on a Roasted Hazelnut Sable crunch.

How long does it takes you to make one?
It will take me approximately 30 minutes to make my favorite dessert, as long as I got a gelato machine.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
My greatest inspiration for the trade and my profession is my father. He encourages me constantly and to never give up on the things that I love.

In October 2019 you will represent Australia as a Coach. Can you share with me your feelings about this competition?
As a coach, I feel absolutely privileged and honoured to be coaching and sharing my knowledge with my team, as a Lecture Chef . I am a little nervous leading up to the event, however as a team we will achieve.

Furthermore, to foresee the chefs incredible excitements, that transpire their spirits and  emotion, which will establish their professionalism as masters in representing Australia in the world cup .

You can follow Luigi on Instagram here: luigi_stivaletta