Today we will meet Chef Adele Di Bella.

Adele is part of the team that will represent Australia at Adele is part of the team that will represent Australia at The “World Trophy of Pastry, Gelato, and Chocolate“ by the International Federation Of Pastry FIPGC.

This competition will be held in Milan (Italy) in October 2019.

Nice to meet you Adele!

1. Can you make a little presentation of yourself?
My name is Adele Di Bella. Born in Sydney, Australia. I have an Italian background. And I have lived in the same house for 24 years ?

2. When did you start you career in hospitality? 
I was 15 when I decided I wanted to become a pastry chef, so I finished school early and followed my passion. I studied at Ryde Tafe NSW in 2011, became an apprentice and got fully qualified in 2014. Still baking away today!

3. What do you like most of this industry?
I love how the creativity never stops, your mind is always thinking of new things to create. The use of ingredients and all the possible combinations that can be used are endless. Seeing people’s reactions of your creations is priceless, even just making them smile with something they’ve tried of yours, it’s so rewarding!

4. What’s your specialisation? 
Sugar, eating it… no I kid hahaha… Creating and making sugar sculptures is my forte, I love it. And also creating flavoursome entremets.

5. Is it difficult to make one creation? If yes, can you explain why?
Yes, it’s challenging but I like that. Sugar is so temperamental, it’s fragile when it’s cold and it’s sticky when it’s around humid climates.  But practice makes perfect and you learn to work around these obstacles. 

6. How long does it take you to make one?
It takes time. To master something that needs engineering support to help the showpiece stand up without toppling over, takes weeks to months in preparation. And then the design process needs to be put together so the showpiece fits the “theme”.

7. Where do you get your inspiration from?
With most competitions comes a theme. This year will be “national art and tradition” so it automatically makes me think indigenous, outback, dreamtime, native foods, spices, culture and flowers. The theme helps me centre my creativity to the meaning behind the showpiece/entremet. If the competition didn’t require a theme I will use history, art, flora and fauna, colours and animals for some inspiration.

8. Will you eat your creations after you create them?
Haha, even though Isomalt doesn’t cause tooth decay, I will defiantly not be eating any of my showpiece.

Just all the entremets I make ?

9. In October 2019 you will represent Australia. Can you share with me your feelings about this competition?
I feel very honoured to get the chance to represent my county. It is really something that sticks with you forever, it is such an amazing opportunity. Travelling to Milan is going to be the best experience I could have ever ask for and to share it with a team who is so passionate about showing the world what Australia is all about, will be something I could never forget. Get ready for an Aussie take over??

You can follow Chef Adele Di Bella on Instagram here: @adeleee12