Euroquip represents  the FIPGC (The International Federation of Pastry, Gelato and Chocolate) in Oceania. Also, we are proudly the official sponsor of the Australian Pastry Team FIPGC who will participate at the Grand Final in Milan (Italy, October  2019).

The team (coached by Chef Luigi Stivaletta from the Australian Patisserie Academy – TAFE NSW) have been invited (the 15th of July 2019) at Studio 10, a really well known Live Tv Show in Australia.  Luigi made a special recipe for this great event (video below):

The Australian Pastry Team FIPGC is working on native ingredients: they want to bring the Australian culture all around the world! That’s why they have chosen to use this particular ingredient: the wattleseed.

Wattleseed has a nutty, roasted coffee aroma, with touches of sweet spice, raisins and chocolate. It has a savoury, nutty, wheat-biscuit flavour. It’s also considered a mainstay of the diet of Indigenous Australians for over 40,000 years, Wattleseed was traditionally ground and used to make a type of flour. Today, Wattleseed is dried and roasted in a similar way to coffee. It is then ground and crushed to create a powder used in cooking.

The “wattleseed gelato” that Chef Luigi Stivaletta made for Studio 10, has been churned by our RT51 Staff Ice System Benchtop -The Smallest Multifunction Machine In The World  (photo on the left).

A lot of new exciting events are coming up. You can follow The Australian Pastry Team FIPGC on our social media (links below). Stay tuned!