HOST 2015 is the 39th edition of an International Hospitality Exhibition which was held in Milan from the 23rd to 27th of October 2015.

Exhibitors and visitors of HOST 2015 came from all over the world to experience the newest and most exciting innovations in food service and hospitality. Amongst the exhibitors were Euroquip brands Coldline, Moretti Forni, Staff and Valoriani; each contributing intriguing ideas and solutions to the international industry.

Coldline showcased their commercial refrigeration range including blast chillers, retarder provers, preparation counters, freezers and storage units. They also introduced a new product to the domestic market, LIFE a blast chiller designed for home use. This multifunction device is intended to bring new functions into the home for domestic food preparation such as blast freezing, chilling, thawing and proving all within a single, easy to use and stylish unit.

Market leaders in static ovens for the pizza and baking industries, was also a key exhibitor at HOST 2015 and they showcased their range of commercial equipment including conveyor, deck, and rotary ovens. They also revealed their newest product, the gas powered conveyor oven TT98G, which has been much anticipated in the Australian market.  The oven has been developed to provide outstanding results with reduced energy consumption. It also contains stand-out features such as dual temperature zones basically making it two ovens in one, a new advanced digital control panel and top and bottom air-flow system. You can read more about the new TT98G Gas Conveyor Oven here.

Moretti’s Forni’s S-series electric deck oven was also a stand-out feature of the exhibition as the series was awarded with the SMART Label.  SMART Label is an award for innovation in the hospitality industry given to select products to recognise their distinctive features in terms of functionality, technology, environmental sustainability, or ethical or social implications. The S-series was recognised for its huge 30% reduction in energy consumption as well as the new advanced control panel which allows for faster and more simplified use of the oven.

HOST is the ideal setting to showcase new products to meet the needs of a changing market and so Valoriani, in addition to exposing the full range of its professional ovens, presented the most recent Valoriani oven: BABY Valoriani.

The BABY Valoriani meets modern requirements as it is ready for use, light and portable, it can be fuelled by wood or gas. Even though it’s a family oven, it can be considered a mini professional thanks to the material and components used. It is truly professional quality in a domestic oven which drew the attention of visitors and made the oven a highlight of the exhibition. The BABY is available now in Australia and is the ideal addition to any outdoor entertainment area.

Staff Ice System had on show their range of ice cream machines, multifunction machines, batch freezers and ice makers. Staff also used the Milan exhibition to release a new product which was recently added to their range. The BTF/BTX series are electro-mechanical batch freezers with automatic extraction and advanced time control features. The new batch freezer series is a highly functional batch freezer designed for lower budget establishments. However, even at such an affordable price the new range includes features such as time control and integrated inverter technology that allows the machine to run unsupervised and while still producing amazing results.

Overall HOST 2015 was a successful show for all the Euroquip brands and the new products released are set to take the Australian market by storm; with the Baby already here and the other products on their way, the wait for these new innovations won’t be long!