The Staff Ice System Multi Function Machine Super Star!

Yes, the  Staff Ice System multi function machines are fantastic at making gelato, ice cream and sorbet; thick, smooth, tasty gelato, ice cream and sorbet in any flavor you can imagine; but there is so much more to this machine than just cold desserts accompanied by a waffle cone.

Welcome to the new world of professional kitchen appliances, the Staff Ice System multi function machine works in both hot and cold temperatures and has various processing and mixing functions making it possible to batch freeze, cook, knead, pasteurise, cool and more all within the same unit.Each unit comes with many popular programs just a touch away, the ability to manually modify functions and can store up to 50 customised programs making it easy to use by all kitchen staff. The precise temperature controls make the staff multi function machines ideal for chilled and semi-frozen desserts such as Semifreddo, mousse, Panna Cotta, custard desserts and fillings for various tarts and pastries. Pasteurisation is a delicate process which involves balanced heating of food to a temperature where bacteria is destroyed but the chemical structure of the food is not majorly compromised. The pasteurization process is both safe and easy with the Staff Ice System range of machines and there is no need to transfer the product from one machine to another, just build the pasteurisation process into the program!

The unit also heats up to 115°c with simultaneous mixing and blending functions which allows for automated preparation of hot dishes such as soup, Risotto, Béchamel Sauce, pasta sauces, Ragù, pie fillings and even Polenta.

Fruit jams, marmalade, chutneys, conserves and confits are all great ways to preserve foods, minimise waste and add a personal touch to simple meals. The Staff multi function machine contains specialised programs which bring the mixture to boil at an ideal temperature for caramelization then run a controlled cooling cycle to allow the preserve to set.  The results are vibrant, colorful preserves that are full of flavour with your unique signature, just like it was home-made.

However, if gelato, sorbet, ice cream, frozen yogurt or Granita is on your menu, Staff Ice System have developed this machine to produce top quality frozen products with easy to use programs.  Starting with the hot process to dissolve sugars, melt chocolates and pasteurise creams the machine is then able to mix, process and batch freeze the product ready for immediate consumption or storage.

These machines are versatile, functional and take up very little space, they’re ideal for the creative chef, confectioner or Gelato maker of the future who is ready to experience modern technologies in a professional industry. With a variety of sizes available there is a Staff multi function machine that is perfect for your kitchen, so why not open up more possibilities today!

View more info about the Staff Ice System multi function range here.