Moretti Forni S-Series Electric Deck Ovens – Energy Saving Ovens

The Moretti Forni S-Series electric deck ovens have been awarded with the acknowledgement of a SMART Label at HOST 2015 held in Milan in October. SMART Label is an award for innovation in the hospitality industry given to select products to recognise their distinctive features in terms of functionality, technology, environmental sustainability, or ethical or social implications.

The committee evaluated 146 products and determined the products worthy of the acknowledgement based on the following criteria:
Efficiency of functions of the product or service
Effectiveness of product performance or usability of the service
Innovativeness of use, technologies and benefits to users

The S-series was recognised for its huge 30% reduction in energy consumption as well as the new advanced control panel which allows for faster and more simplified use of the oven. The oven was also on display in the SMART products gallery at HOST 2015 in honour of the achievement.

Thanks to the innovative Eco SmartBaking technology, energy consumption of the S-series are reduced of the 30%, an energy saving never seen before on a traditional static oven. Cutting edge materials and innovative insulation systems reduces energy dispersion towards the exterior of the unit focusing energy only where it is needed. The booster function for peak times and the eco-standby for breaks in production means that the oven is ready for use when needed without wasting energy when not in use.

The electronic control is easy and intuitive thanks to the user-friendly graphic display and simplified functions. The exclusive Moretti Forni baking process combines 70 year of experience with the most modern and effective technologies, such as the separate management of top and bottom temperatures with automatic regulation of the energy required.

S-series is built with exceptional style: revolutionary design, stainless steel and smooth surfaces for an easy cleaning and an excellent internal visibility with double lighting.

Moretti as a manufacturer is dedicated to be a leader of innovation in the food service industry and many of these innovative features are not only found in the S-series but across the majority of the Moretti product range.