We expect a delightful 2018!

They call it the food of the gods and we couldn’t agree more, after having specialised in some of the world most appreciated and bestselling foods like Pizza, Bread, and Gelato. We are obviously talking about Chocolate, the sublime creation obtained from the cocoa beans and probably the most successful invention in the food history.

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Despite the abundant offer of chocolatey products, the research of new developments in vast and promising. If the food industry is able to propose always new recipes and unique combinations involving the use of chocolate, there are also other industries, like the cosmetic industry, taking advantage of the many benefits that can be derived from chocolate.

On one side we have consumers continuing to view chocolate confectionery as a form of indulgence that can hardly be turned down and chocolate manufacturers that continuously release new and interesting flavours to keep consumers engaged; on the other side, all the other positive effects of chocolate have attracted other fields. There are in effect a number of health benefits associated with this delicious treat; it seems that chocolate could prevent heart diseases, lowering cholesterol, preventing memory decline and it has been proven that it’s a great boost for our mood balance, a skin protector and a rich source of good energy.

FBM food boscolo machines logoFBM chocolate equipment, staff

This year at HOST 2017 in Milan, the most important international food show, we had the occasion to meet in person with one of the best chocolate machinery manufacturer, the FBM Food Boscolo Machines. At HOST 2017, Euroquip was supporting the Australian Team of Pastry that competed in the World Trophy of Pastry, event that attracts all the best from the world pastry industry.

With this occasion, we had the chance to test in person this range of chocolate tempering machines and chocolate production machines, which are also the official sponsor of the International Chocolate Awards and Eurochocolate. The FBM firm, founded in 1977, manufacture plants and machinery for chocolate makers, pastry chefs, restaurant and gelato shops that are distributed all around the world. This premium Italian company supply equipment able to cover the entire chocolate processing, and, imagine, it was the first company to introduce a tabletop dropping machine that allows the production directly from the cocoa beans, which takes the name of “Bean To Bar” technique.

chocolate enrobing machine Compatta FBM food boscolo machines - fbm chocolate equipment

The official launch of the FBM chocolate equipment range, solely distributed in Australia by Euroquip, will see a rich calendar of events and demonstrations that we will dedicate to our clients as always and to the market professionals.

Euroquip have accurately selected four machines in particular, among the assorted FBM range, that suit better the requirements of the Australian chocolate industry. From small and easy to use tempering machines to exclusive decorating machines, we are sure to impress even the most demanding Australian chocolatiers.  The FBM chocolate equipment is already visible on the Euroquip website and we highly encourage everybody to stay connected for further (and delicious) updates regarding this brilliant upcoming 2018 NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH!