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Chocolate Tempering Machines By FBM

FBM Food Boscolo Machines manufacture plants and chocolate machinery for chocolate makers, pastry chefs, restaurants and gelato shops. 

Founded in 1977, FBM Food Boscolo Machines, manufacture plants and machinery for chocolate as well as baking applications that are distributed worldwide to professional chocolatiers, bakers, restaurants, and hotels as well as industrial factories and large corporations. Lead for nearly two decades by the founder Umberto Boscolo, the company’s mission has always been to meet the unique needs of each customer.
In addition to a wide variety of chocolate making machines, FBM offer an interesting range of products for the pastry industry.

FBM was the first company to introduce a tabletop dropping machine, the Elite FBM that allows the production of chocolate directly from the cocoa beans thanks to a Bean to Bar Area. 

This premium Italian company supplies equipment to cover the entire process of chocolate processing. From chocolate tempering and refining to coating, chocolate cutting and “bean to bar” chocolate production, FBM can boast a thorough knowledge of the chocolate making process. 

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Aura Tempering Machine: This is the smallest in the FBM range. The modern design and practical small dimensions come together with first class technical features such as low power consumption, continuous tempering system, thermal induction melting system, electronic closing device with repetitions, automatic reversing of screw pump rotation, night cycle, and a large vibration table.

Compatta Tempering & Enrobing Machine: This machine combines multi-functions such as tempering, dripping, dosing and enrobing chocolate.
The continuous tempering technology is composed of two separate systems: the heating by thermal induction for assuring best precision and reactivity, and the pre-crystallization by gas, that grants short working times and accuracy in keeping temperature stables.
Led lights indicate temperature changes (heating and tempering) for constantly monitoring the tempering process. A removable screw pump allows to quickly change the quality of chocolate loaded without waste.
The automatic switch reverses the run of the screw pump and allows to empty chocolate out of the screw pipe, to reduce at minimum the restart of tempering cycle.

Mono Decorating Machine: The modern design of this chocolate decorating machine fits perfectly in the confectionary counters, chocolate shops, gelato parlours and cafes. “Mono” decorates the products, fills small glasses and cups with chocolate or gianduia; It can decorate waffles and ice-cream cones and cups.

Mini Mono Decorating Machine: “Mini-Mono” is the perfect choice for decorating items with melted chocolate in locations where the space is very limited.
The Mini-Mono is available with your choice of a curved (optional) or 90-degree angle pipe.  Designed for use in confectionery, bakery, ice-cream and coffee shops, the Mini-Mono makes it easy to decorate waffles and other baked goods, ice-cream and gelato cups and cones.
The dosing pedal makes it easy to add just the right amount of chocolate and the auger pump reverses automatically to empty the pipe, while the front–mounted drain makes it easy to empty the melting bowl.  The Mini-Mono’s low power consumption makes it affordable to run, which means you can entice customers with the smell of warm chocolate throughout the day.

Twin Decorating Machine: this is a decorating machine equipped with two melting bowls to allows a faster-decorating process in busy shops.

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