Chocolate Machines Made in Italy by FBM

FBM food boscolo machines logo Our range of chocolate machines is produced in Italy by FBM Food Boscolo Machines. Founded in 1977 this premium company produces equipment to cover the entire process of chocolate processing. From chocolate tempering machines, refining, coating, chocolate cutting machines and “bean to bar” chocolate production, FBM can boast a thorough knowledge of the chocolate making process. FBM was the first company to introduce a tabletop dropping machine, the Elite FBM that allows the production of chocolate directly from the cocoa beans thanks to a Bean to Bar Area. Tempering chocolate is a key step for producing glossy, smooth and evenly coloured chocolate products. An automatic tempering machine guarantees a well-tempered chocolate and obviously a more efficient productivity by reducing timing and waste. All the FBM chocolate machines combine multi-functionalities such as fast melting and tempering, cooling system, vibrating table, low power consumption, dosing function, etc, to equip your chocolate laboratory with a complete production system. FBM is the exclusive sponsor of the International Chocolate Awards and Eurochocolate. |Book a Free Demo|
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