What’s the difference between Gelato and Ice Cream?

Many people is asking this question at least once in their life. Don’t you?

If you are curious about the answer, you should read this post then!

“Gelato” in Italian, literally, means frozen and even thought if the ingredients look like pretty much the same of the ice cream, the product is substantially different.

The difference is in the air…

As mentioned, the key ingredients might be similar: full cream milk, cream, sugar, air.

The difference is in the way how the final product is going to be churned and the proportions of ingredients used.

In both of cases, processes begin with pasteurisation of the milk and cream.

Then, the liquid mix is churned and frozen simultaneously. During this step, air is incorporated into the mix and this is where gelato and ice cream differ.

Air contained in frozen sweets product is well known as “overrun”.

The Overrun of ice cream is always much higher than gelato.

For example 1 litre liquid mix is going to ends up as a 2 litre tub of ice cream (doubled).

It means that 2 litre of ice cream tube has an overrun of 100% (amount of liquid mix and air are equal). Normally overruns for gelato is around 30%.

Translated, the texture of gelato is thicker than ice cream.

So… What’s the best product: gelato or ice cream?

Now that you know the difference, you can choose your favourite product!

At Euroquip, we prefer gelato! ?

And today we will share with you our Coffee Gelato Recipe made without cream! (Watch the video below and learn how to make our famous recipe):

Thanks to the technology of R151 W MAX by STAFF ICE SYSTEM, the result is simply amazing! Our gelato is delicious, like the original one made in Italy!