ROBOTCREAM – Vertical Free Standing – 7L Tank
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ROBOTCREAM – Vertical Free Standing – 7L Tank

Ice Cream Machine R151AW MAX And Multifunction Machine By Staff Ice System, Made In Italy

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The Staff Multifunction Machine for Confectionery and Gastronomy and Ice Cream Machine can perform a wide variety of hot, cold and pasteurizing functions for limitless possibilities.

The 52 ready-to-use programs include:

Mixing programs: for mixing, whipping and washing.

Freezing programs:  allows you to choose the ideal freezing cycle, depending on the kind of mix used (milk, fruit ingredients). Perfect for making gelato, sorbet, slush/granita, and other frozen recipes.

*maximum capacity 2 litres (approx 2.3 kgs) per cycle (in approx. 9 minutes).

Pasteurizing programs: High, medium, low and chocolate programs designed for the pasteurizing of ice cream mixes. The process includes heating of the mix up to 95°C and then cooling down to 4 °C. An audible signal informs you about the end of the whole cycle and the aging/conservation cycle starts. During this stage the temperature of the mix will be kept at a consistent 4°C. The stirrer can be used continuously or intermittently as your recipe requires. The cycle works completely automatically even in case of a black out, so your chef can continue with other tasks. The machine has the capability for high pasteurization to 85°C with cooling down to 4°C of 5Lts ice cream mix in 50 minutes.

Pasto-freezing programs: For the heating of the mix up to 95°C and immediately batch freezing until the desired consistency.

Free programs:  Allows you to create customised programs for your recipes by modifying the following parameters:

  • heating temperature (for recipes up to 105°C approx )
  • cooling temperature (for recipes up to –9°C approx)
  • the time of pause at the high temperature
  • the stirrer on/off during the heating and the cooling phase

The Staff multifunction machines are ideal for preparing custard cream, jams, pasta bigne, gelatine, pâte à choux, rice for pastry, béchamel sauce, sauces, marmalade, yogurt, panna cotta, mousse, ragù, risotto, polenta and more.

*Adjustable stirrer speed in all programs!

60L Programmable Gelato Batch Freezer

  • Hourly Production: 60 litres
  • Maximum Liquid Capacity: 7 litres / 8kgs
  • Pasteurization/Conservation: 15 litres (50mins)
  • Custard Cream: 15 litres (50mins)


  • Over 50 customisable programs.
  • Control panel ergonomically positioned.
  • Double lid for adding ingredients whole the mixer is in use.
  • Multi-language 2.5” graphic display.
  • Transparent lid allows you to see the preparation in process.
  • Functions can be modified for endless possibilities.
  • Speed variable high-performance mixer, replicates manual mixing.
  • Vertical tank allows you to check the state of mixing throughout the entire production cycle.
  • Precision dry heating with electronic board for exact temperature regulation.
  • Tap level with base of tank.
  • Shelf with adjustable depth for any type of container.
  • PC connection port for configuring board parameters.
  • Adjustable temperature up to 107°C.
  • Temperature regulation with PID (proportional integral derivative) controller.
  • Full integration of inverter and electronics.
  • Mixer stop with certified safety control unit.
  • Audible and visual malfunction indicators.



  • Printer
MODEL Production
Hourly Production Max Capacity
R151 A MAX 60 Litres/hour 7 litres / approx 8 kg

BROCHURE: Download here
ice cream machine R151AW MAX

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