The example to be followed: MAZZARI Pastry Shop

The Master Pastry Chef Enrico Mazzarri opted for the VISION multifunction pastry blast chiller to exceed his customer expectations. Pastry making is an art that belongs to the culinary traditions. Cakes, filled pastries, biscuits, chocolate pralines, marmalade and all the baked products in general, require exceptional techniques knowledge, incredible attention to details and superior quality, from the ingredients to the equipment. Technology helps many food industry professionals to simplify their work and exceed their results.

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Tips: Pastry making art and balances


The fine art of pastry making consists of a balance of flavours, but it takes very little to make apparently excellent products deteriorate in quality. For example, cooling a sponge cake to room temperature makes it lose its moisture, resulting in a dry and unpleasant product. VISION’s rapid cooling function keeps the cake soft and moist for a long time.


When blast chilling puffs, VISION avoids frosting up the outer surface, otherwise their appearance and quality would be compromised after thawing. To blast chill or deep freeze mousses,  VISION uses some mild ventilation in the initial phase so that they will not go runny or lose their shape. VISION works through several phases with inversely proportional temperature and ventilation intensity.


Running a blast chilling cycle with VISION is particularly important in the case of egg creams to make them safe and protect them from bacterial aggression. In creams and custards that contain high amounts of sugar, the latter acts as a natural preservative and makes the action of VISION even more effective.

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