Commercial Refrigerators, Blast Chillers, Retarder Provers

Vision, Steps Into The Future

coldline commercial refrigeration - catering equipment Hi-Tech Commercial Refrigerators by Coldline. Vision is the new generation of multi-function refrigerators that uses the most advanced technology available on the market today. With Vision you can adjust temperature from -40°C to +35°C, humidity from 40% to 95% and ventilation intensity from 30% to 100%, an innovation that allows a single unit to perform a surprising number of functions like keeping costs under control, planning dough proving, eliminating food bacteria (Anisakis), saving you time with only 4 days of preparation for 7 days of service. You can also set the right type of cold for each type of food, you will store top quality and safer frozen fish. You can now cook frozen meat straight away from the fridge and deep freeze cured mead and fresh pasta. Try the pleasure of cooking seasonal products all the year round!

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