The 11th of September 2019, from 11am to 4pm Master Carver Salvatore Cerreto and Chef Davide Giacchino are going to join our event “Mastering the Art”

Enjoy this fantastic live exhibition! This FREE event will be held at the ICC Sydney, during the 2019 Fine Food Expo at Level 2 (Foyer). 

About Master Carver Salvatore Cerreto

Salvatore Cerreto, born in southern Italy, exactly in Campania, in 1989. Since his adolescence, he senses that the world of hospitality will be part of his path. Starting at the age of fourteen, working as a boy in the bar of your country. At the age of twenty, he began working as a bartender at the bar of a well-known pastry chef from Campano.

Which, he was both owner of the bar / pastry shop, and master of his cooking and pastry school. He who made him take his first steps towards the art of carving, offering him a course at his school. After about two years , of hard training, that is in 2013, he took part in his first regional competition, in which he won the silver medal. The following year, again, he took part in a national competition, where he managed to win the gold medal. Up to take part in the Olympics, in 2016, in which he managed to grab the bronze medal. His last race dates back to last November, where he participated in the Thai Carving World Championships, receiving two medals: bronze and silver.

He deepens his knowledge of this art so much, to the point of teaching it in different schools. Giving, life, even to different events, such as weddings, private parties, birthdays, delighting his customers with a fruit buffet, satisfying even the view with real and true own plant sculptures and more!

About Chef Davide Giacchino

Davide is an Italian chef, and came to Australia six years ago. Davide has been working in this industry since he was 14, having worked in 3 Michelin stars restaurant in Italy and throughout Europe.

Davide is currently working at Aqua Dining, some say one of the best restaurants’ with one of the best views in Sydney. Davide says he is planning to stay here in Australia, and maybe one day own his own restaurant.

He took the carving path about a year ago. Davide was looking at Salvatore’s job and was fascinated from this unbelievable art, He then contacted him and asked if Salvatore could teach Davide the art of carving and how to do it. At the beginning of his studies with Salvatore, Davide’s fruit that he was carving were not exactly perfect, so he decided to spend at least 2 hours per day carving, and improved a lot, but knowing there’s always more to learn.

Davide believed passion, creativity and lots of patience, are the main thing that one needs to become a master in carving.