Gelato machines and pastry equipment made in Italy by Staff Ice System

The R range is the flagship of  Staff Ice System, the Italian company based in Rimini specialized since 1959 in refrigeration equipment and since 1984 in ice-cream and pastry machinery. Including 10 models, available in large and counterweight sizes, this range will meet the needs of both artisans making gelato, pastry and modern catering.

The Robotcream multifunction machines are a modern and profitable innovation in the world of artisan food preparations. They express the concept of a true genuineness and craftsmanship and enhance the organoleptic characteristics of the preparations since the pasteurization cycle uses temperatures set below the standard boiling.

The perfect integration between the basic electronics and the inverter realized in collaboration with Toshiba, it allows realizing any mixture without limitation as if they were handmade produced; in addition, there is also the undisputed quality of the components used. The inverter technology allows you to adjust the agitator speed at each stage and to control the perfect consistency of the ice cream. It also protects the mechanical transmission and the engine, optimizing power consumption.

With R51 and RT51, you can make a countless number of different products: ice-cream and gelato, frozen desserts, cakes, ices, cream patisserie, choux pastry, custards, jellies and jams, yogurt, pannacotta, ganache, mousse, marshmallows, sauces, polenta, soups and more! Able to stir up to 2 Lt and pasteurize and cook until 5 Lt, they are the ideal choice for: fine food venues since they can support a chef or a pastry chef in creating their own recipes with greater attention to detail; family-run cafes or restaurants, where this range of machinery can guarantee the best preparation with house-made ingredients; small pastry shops and ice cream parlors, where great quality and freshness are a must.

The multifunction bench-top machine RT151 is designed to meet the needs of those who work in a small venue in the pastry and catering industries. Despite the small size, it has a capacity of 15 Lt and it shows several extra functions like the temperature adjustment up to 115°, a user-friendly graphic display with 52 programs, preset or customizable at your convenience. It is also equipped with a chain program that offers the ability to create custom programs for special recipes, without limiting creativity. There are three phases in the normal programs: heating, cooking time, cooling. With the chain program, you can concatenate these phases and repeat them infinitely following the progression required by the recipe.

Finally, listed between the multipurpose units that allow you to achieve a higher performance in terms of production per hour, there are the R400, R600, R4014, and R402.

The Robotcream range is equipped with many applications to facilitate the work of professionals in the industry, such as the ability to temper chocolate through insemination. This is possible thanks to the temperature control system and stirrer control.

Basically, each model in the Robotcream range is able to meet the needs of every craftsman, guaranteeing maximum reliability and efficiency at every stage of preparation. With these machines, you can work smoothly at every different stage, with the certainty of getting to your destination.