Moretti Forni presents Neapolis®, the only electric deck oven for Neapolitan Pizza that reaches the maximum temperature of 510°C. It’s considered the world’s most powerful electric oven.

Neapolis is able to keep the heat exactly at the pre-set temperature. This is a fundamental element especially during the busiest moments of a pizzeria when the service needs to provide customers with precision and obviously a perfectly cooked pizza.

Neapolis has been designed to reproduce exactly the taste of authentic Neapolitan Pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven; the modern and slender design integrate perfectly with the frenetic style of modern catering, the vintage touch brings us back to the pleasures of tradition.

This jewel of technology has arrived in Australia. The first pizzeria who is using Neapolis is Primo Street Pizza co. (based in Victoria). We have prepared a little interview with Paul McCormack, owner of  Primo Street Pizza co. (see photo below).

1. Hi Paul. Let’s introduce your business.
Primo street Pizza co. is one of Melbourne’s first wood fired pizza, we were formerly known as Soul kitchen pizza truck. This is our 8th year in operation as a Foodtruck and our 1st year doing pop ups out of converted shopping containers.

We attend major events in Melbourne, do private and corporate catering and our pop up is at Whitehart Bar in the city.

2. Why Primo street Pizza co.?
Because we offer a service on the street, at your home or event and we are the first food truck in Melbourne with a Forno inside the truck.

3. What style of pizza do you offer to your customer?
Neapolitan style pizza.

4. Why did you choose Neapolis?
Because it delivers a product very close to a wood fired oven but without the hassle of wood, ash, and direct heat.

5. How did you know about this product?
At first, I tested it at Melbourne fine food and fell in love with the oven. After looking into the Izzo Forni and I discovered this on social media.

6. What do you think of it?
It is extremely consistent and holds its heat very well, it’s a joy to use. It’s the best!

7. Describe your business in 3 words
We love pizza!