Made in Italy Coldline Pizza Preparation Counters & Refrigerated Counters

Made in Italy these refrigerated pizza preparation counters and ingredient tops are packed with features and flexible customisation options. Coldline commercial refrigeration have made major investments in design research to become a leader in refrigeration innovation and technology. Configured specifically for the pizza industry the counters perfectly preserve the dough until you are ready to use it, the ingredient top is designed for preservation and convenient dispensing of ingredients and the granite bench top is the ideal space for shaping and dressing your pizzas.

The Coldline counters are equipped with innovative features designed to produce better results, reduce energy consumption and extend the life of the unit.

The Fast Service System (FSS) is unique to Coldline, the refrigeration system of the unit is independent of the main structure which means service and maintenance is easy and flexible which in turn minimises down time. With the technical unit easy to access it does not require highly trained or specialised personnel. Simplified maintenance results in extended life of the appliance with the ability to repair, replace or upgrade the technical unit without changing the storage part of the unit. The FSS allows for a remote system or a plug in system depending on your requirements and space allowance.

Coldline commercial refrigeration units are constructed of high quality stainless steel. The steel AISI 304 18/10 not only looks good, it’s extremely durable, is corrosion resistant and is highly hygienic making it ideal for use in the hospitality and food service industries.

The 60mm insulation reduces temperature loss meaning the compressor doesn’t have to work as hard and therefore reduces energy consumption.

Also reducing energy consumption is the hot gas defrost function. This intelligent defrost feature detects the presence of frost and runs for the minimum amount of time required to eliminate it. This is supported by the evaporation system which automatically detects any condensation or water that is naturally produced from defrosting and eliminates it. This function is only activated when needed to avoid using any excess energy. The  unique Aspera compressors reduce energy consumption by 15% and are also extremely quiet reducing the acoustic impact by 5 dBA.

An important function of any refrigeration unit is constant temperature control. In the counters the temperature variation is reduced due to the smart fan which stops when the door is open, also reducing the work of the compressor.

The Coldline pizza preparation counters are vastly customisable; sizes range from two door (1450mm) to four door (2560mm) with a combination of doors or drawers available to meet your storage and space requirements. You can also choose to have the technical compartment on the right or the left of the unit to suit the layout of your kitchen and to assist with smooth production.

Counters can be purchased with or without the granite top which allows for you to use an existing bench top or choose the high quality the non-stick granite top supplied by Coldline.

You can also choose to add an ingredient top to store and dispense toppings for your pizza in the most hygienic and convenient way. The static refrigeration on the 4 sides of each container will ensure that all ingredients are perfectly stored. The pans are inclined towards the operator for improved ergonomics and to facilitate the collection and distribution of toppings.

To further customise the work station other extras are available such as tap and sink, ambient drawers, stainless steel castors or X-web monitor to notify the user via email or text message of a malfunction or unusual activity.

Coldline pizza preparation counters and ingredient tops can be viewed here and are available now through the Euroquip dealer network.