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coldline commercial refrigeration - catering equipment Australian Pizza Industry is growing fast, with some of the best Pizza Chefs in the world. Australia has a Pizza University now and a countless number of Pizzerias. Euroquip is leader in the pizza equipment industry in Australia, providing all you need to run a successful business. The Coldline Pastry, Bakery and Pizza counters preserve the quality of your dough extremely well. You can count on a large, resistant and thick granite worktop to work the dough without the risk of sticking it to the surface. The plinths on three sides (H200 mm) allow you to place the refrigerated display cabinet containing the ingredients above the worktop, clearing the space below. The worktop can be supplied with a small service sink fitted to the technical compartment, which is a very useful accessory when preparing pizzas and working the dough in general. The refrigerated counter and pan-holder have an independent technical compartment to adjust different temperatures and guarantee the best performance. Coldline Refrigerated Counters ensure an internal volume with a high storage capacity. Drawers are interchangeable and design to adapt to any space requirements. Upon request, the technical compartment (Master) can be assembled on the left or right side. Thanks to the cooling unit, energy consumption and mechanical stress are reduced.

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