Neapolis, the first oven in the market able to reach 510°

The pizza industry, which finds in Identita` Golose (Milan, Italy) the ideal location to meet international excellence, has been in turmoil during the past few years and now is increasingly promoted by higher technologies and higher production standard to offer always better products. For this reason, the Milanese congress Identita` Golose represented a perfect showcase for the new Moretti Forni oven. Neapolis is a sought-after equipment in the pizza industry and has become already internationally recognized. It was introduced to the market for the first time during Sigep 2018 and in the following weeks after was chosen by many pizza makers all over the world.

Diego Vitagliano is cooking on  Neapolis at Sigep 2018

What does Neapolis mean to the industry? It is the ultimate innovation, which aim is to revolutionise the Neapolitan pizza world. It is the first electric oven specifically designed to allow the processing of the specific dough required to deliver an authentic Neapolitan Pizza.

Compared to traditional wood-fired pizza ovens, benefits are numerous: no soot, no needs to stock wood, no chimney hood required; on top of everything Neapolis adds the uniform temperature management, as it can reach up to 510 °C.

Summarising all Neapolis’s plus:

  • It is the first oven able to reach 510 ° C in a short time and keep the temperature unchanged. This feature allows fast cooking and it’s particularly important in the Neapolitan pizza making
  • It can reproduce exactly the authentic flavour and texture of a wood-fired Neapolitan pizza
  • Neapolis optimises energy saving, reducing expenditure and allowing a lower environmental impact
  • Thanks to the special bands placed inside the structure, it allows balancing heat and humidity flows
  • Neapolis shows a captivating design, realized by the Italian AP Architetti studio

Four Cheese Pizza prepared by Gino Sorbillo, on Neapolis at Sigep 2018

During Identita’ Golose in Milan, Neapolis oven has been the focus inside the “Bread and Pizza” pavilion and Moretti Forni’s stand. A calendar full of meetings highlighted three prestigious names in the pizza world. Moreno Cedroni e Renato Bosco e Franco Pepe run first class demonstrations about new trends and pizza styles. Moretti Forni have also introduced Neapolis to the Moretti LAB, the training school for professionals in the pizza, pastry and bakery industry.

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