Become a real Pizza Master:

REFIX SYSTEM the innovation developed by Regina Pizza tools

Experience, creativity, quality ingredients, good looking tables, friendly and professional staff; it seems nothing is missing … are we sure? How important is to have clean equipment?  The answer is very simple: It is crucial.

Behind a great pizza and in front of customers there must be hygiene and cleanliness, if these basic requirements aren’t met, you will notice it straight away. A dirty blade is synonymous with poor quality pizza, the dough wouldn’t slide properly and the flour accumulated at the bottom will burn, giving the pizza an unpleasant bitter taste.

Therefore is fundamental to perfectly clean your equipment. The quality of your pizza depends on all these aspects together.

Regina Pizza Peels brings to your kitchen the innovative Refix System. This revolutionary system allows your pizzaioli to create their desired Pizza Peel from quality, Italian made materials. It makes it safer to ship and easily disassembled for easy cleaning, important for maintaining prestige and hygienic work-space. You can quickly remove the paddle from the handle and perform a thorough cleaning, even in the dishwasher.

Smooth surface allows pizza bases to slide on and off the peel with almost no effort, reducing strain as well as the amount of excess flour used.

Refix System involves 3 Steps:

1. Select desired pizza Peel blade (size and type.)
2. Select desired handle length.
3. Assemble your professional, yet customisable pizza peel.

All Regina Pizza Tools & Accessories are 100% made in Italy with high quality materials and through certified processes to ensure the optimal ergonomy and the best price-quality ratio in the market.