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    • 3 pieces sets – suitable for both domestic and professional use.
    • Includes Square Peel, Round peel and oven brush – essentials to get you started.
    • Options in both Stainless Steel blades and Hard Anodised Aluminium Blades
    • Constructed from aluminium, light in weight and less strenuous on the oven operator.
    • Coated in and anodised coating, ensuring optimum resistance to friction and sticking.
    • Regina products are equipped with the Refix system – allowing for interchangeable handles and blades.
    • Refix System save you $$$ in replacement costs and ensure easier maintenance and cleaning.
    • Constructed from predominantly stainless steel, stronger and more reliable in higher working temperatures.
    • Small round peels used to turn pizzas inside the oven.
    • Suitable for both domestic and professional use.
    • Wooden support with brass bristles, perfect for cleaning build up on the oven floor.
    • Suitable for both pizza deck ovens and woodfired ovens.
    • Other useful utensils and accessories in the pizza making industry.
    • Suitable for both domestic and professional use.
    • White polyethylene stackable trays, perfect for storing pizza dough and any other type of food products.
    • Stackable and reinforced design, ensuring perfect storage for high moisture products, with minimal moisture loss.
    • Very hygienic storage solution in multiples sizes.