The 10th of September 2019, from 1pm to 4pm Anthony Silvio, Breaducation Manager at Brasserie Bread is going to join our event “Mastering the Art”.

Prepare to be introduced to the ancient art of sourdough! You will learn about sourdough starters and processes of long fermentation that are crucial to making great sourdough bread.

After seeing a live mixing demonstration using Euroquip equipment, explore how the baker controls fermentation, how to start your own sourdough starter along with the suggested feeding routines, and how to correctly follow the stages of the bread making process including hand shaping techniques and proofing recommendations.

Join us for this interesting experience and taste some crusty, chewy sourdough bread.

This FREE event will be held at the ICC Sydney, during the 2019 Fine Food Expo at Level 2 (Foyer). 

About Anthony Silvio (Breaducation Manager at Brasserie Bread)

Anthony Silvio is the Training Manager at Brasserie Bread. He runs ‘Breaducation’ classes teaching adults and children the ins and outs of baking extraordinary sourdough bread. Working at Brasserie Bread has not just been about supplying thousands of crusty loaves each day, it has enabled Anthony to connect their many customers back to the source where the wheat is grown, putting quality and traceability right in the forefront.

Passionate about fermentation, when he isn’t baking you will find him hands deep into other forms of fermentation including kefir, kombucha, and culturing cream. Taking few very basic ingredients and creating something super complex out of them is what drives him. It’s all about achieving an amazing eating experience packed full of nutrition.