Moretti Forni & Staff Ice System sponsoring WPS World Pastry Stars

21 and 22 May in Milan, Italy

World Pastry Stars is the international congress of pastry, organised by “Italian Gourmet” and “Ampi, Italian Academy Master Pastry Chefs”.

Today’s pastry industry shows constant evolution and transformation; High-quality pastry is a food sector that at the moment is attracting huge investments. The pastry industry has resisted the world financial crisis and it has been able to renew and reinvent itself by shaping new business models inspired by other industries like design, fashion, and art of course.

The 2018 edition of WPS will provide a vision of the pastry industry from a wider perspective with the participation of world famous stars like Igino Massarri, Benoit Blin, Pierre Marcolini, Richard Seve, Luigi Biasetto, just to mention a few.

The congress will be organised into four different sessions, each one seeing pastry stars professionals presenting new business models for the pastry industry, like fashion and design pastry.

We find WPS an extremely prestigious occasion to upgrade and open up to new opportunities if you work in the pastry industry and are in Europe at the moment.

Euroquip congratulate with Moretti Forni and Staff Ice System for being important sponsors of this international event, respectively for the bakery ovens & equipment and gelato machinery categories.

Together with our brands, Euroquip are intensely working on the development of the promising Australian pastry industry, with the organization of major events such as the Australian Selections for the World Pastry Championship 2019.

If you would like to find out more about WPS and how to get there, click on WPS Fan page.

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