The success of made in Italy catering equipment

Italian cuisine is appreciated and rewarded worldwide. The attention paid to the quality of raw materials is significant, some of the best-known chefs and restaurants are Italian, the most innovative food technologies are designed in Italy, so it’s no wonder that the best catering machinery is by Italian brands.  Italian investments in research aimed at the development of the food industry are immense; Italy has always excelled and wants to maintain its leadership in this sector. As a result, the “Bel Paese” represents an international point of reference that influences the choices of foreign markets.

In the photo: Vision blast chiller and retarder prover by Coldline

It always depends on what results you want to achieve, Italian kitchen equipment differs greatly from those produced by foreign competitors. First of all, there is a thorough know-how at the basis of this industry, a deeply rooted knowledge of food and cooking techniques that are hard to beat; the great specialization in the sector is definitely an advantage, engineers and designers are always one step ahead of the competition. Most of made in Italy catering equipment excel in innovation, performance, and durability, moreover, the love of Italians for beauty leads to combining technology with the refinement of design.

Food, it is known, involves all five senses. Whether you are on the customer’s side or on the restaurateur’s side, you want to enjoy delicious flavors in a nice venue, maybe watch the chefs at work in a beautiful open space kitchen, where even the style of the machines has its importance in the culinary experience.

In the photo: Moretti Forni has recently launched Neapolis, the electric oven able to reproduce a perfect Neapolitan Pizza