Vision Blast Chiller by Coldline chosen by The Chef’s Line on SBS. The show is back in an all-new season starting Monday 6 August at 6pm with an Italian week episodes.

SBS has launched their newest cooking program, The Chef’s Line, employing a competition format that gives an inside look at how commercial kitchens really operate and to celebrate the diversity of Australian food. The nightly program follows amateur cooks and professional chefs over the course of a week as they battle it out to prove who does it best.

Every week, the show features four chefs from a particular restaurant; To launch the new season, four home cooks with a passion for Italian cuisine face off against the chefs’ line from legendary hatted Italian restaurant, Sotto Sopra, run by Executive Chef Alessandro Pavoni. Euroquip are proud to have supplied some of the best Italian made catering equipment to popular TV show. Italian food is adored across Australia, it prides itself on simplicity and seasonality, fresh produces, seafood and quality meats are treated as precious material, in the respect of food safety and health requirements. Blast chillers have become essential appliances in commercial kitchens to guarantee food safety and to support a more efficient service. Using VISION blast chiller on the Italian food week, it could not have been a better matching. Italian cuisine is based on simple but high standard preparation steps and quality catering equipment is indispensable to achieve best results.

(In the photo: VISION blast chiller by Coldline on Chef’s line set. Courtesy of SBS production). 

We are now looking forward to watch Chef’s line tonight to discover what recipes these amazing chefs have decided to present. As you can read on the SBS website,

On Monday night, they will compete against apprentice chef Giorgia Whincup. She was born in Scotland to “an Italian mother who couldn’t cook, and an English father who could.” Giorgia has been at Sotto Sopra for 7 months.

On Tuesday, station chef Flavia Beniamini steps up to represent her restaurant. Italian to the bone – and the girlfriend of sous chef Mattia – Flavia is Sotto Sopra’s pastry chef. How will she handle a savoury challenge?

Wednesday night, sous chef Mattia Rossi hopes his Italian heritage and professional training will give him the edge in a pastry challenge. But he’s being watched closely by Sotto Sopra’s actual pastry chef, Flavia – who also happens to be his girlfriend!

On Thursday night, the best home cook has made it to the end of the line. They must take on executive chef Alessandro Pavoni. Can the passion of a talented home cook beat the top chef of Sotto Sopra?

Friday night, the competition is over, but there’s still plenty of food. Judge Melissa Leong takes us inside the kitchen of restaurant Sotto Sopra to reflect on the week and to learn some exciting new dishes.

 (Contents Information from SBS website)

(In the photo: Euroquip logo on shows credits, courtesy of SBS production)

Why VISION is becoming so popular in Australia?

VISION Blast chillers allow to cool down food in an extremely rapid way, bringing it in less than 90 minutes from the cooking temperature to the temperature of + 3 ° in the heart of the product. This treatment allows eliminating dangerous food bacteria like Anisakis that you can find in raw seafood and meat, and it extends the average life of every food. During the freezing process obtained with a blast chiller, the organoleptic quality of the food does not change. The blast chiller technology is widespread in professional kitchens, restaurants, pastry shops, catering companies, ice-cream shops, hospitals, airlines and so on. This treatment extends the average life of the food because the cold contrasts bacterial growth (bacteria multiply faster between +8 ° C and +68 ° C) and destroys any parasite in the food, it allows saving time and money and supports the food safety.

The VISION Blast Chillers, designed by Coldline in Italy, come with the best technology in the industry. They are a multi-function equipment that incredibly improves the performance of a professional chef.  They can be used for blast chilling, freezing, store, prove and thawing thanks to a technology that dynamically manages temperature, ventilation intensity, and humidity levels. You can use this equipment round the clock, recouping your investment in a very short time. You can blast chill and freeze during the day, gently thaw or prove your dough overnight, streamlining work and reducing personnel costs. You will save time, reduce energy consumption, and soon see the quality and economic benefits.

VISION is the ultimate machine to improve preservation and preparation of food without compromising quality.