V410 is a small but cutting-edge refrigerated gelato display realised inside the Staff Ice System’ s laboratory, the Rimini-based company specialises in the production of refrigeration equipment since 1959.

Available both in the tubs version (V410V) and with carapines (V410C), this made in Italy gelato display is certainly the ideal solution for those who want to store and sell ice-creamgranita (slush) or sorbet, without occupying too much space, especially if working in small venues. Together with the demand of small but well-organized equipment, the market is showing an increasing need of gelato displays and machinery that can solve contamination issues strictly related to the high demand of gluten-free, vegan and lactose-free gelato.

Staff Ice System offer to ice-cream makers and pastry chefs the best technology and knowledge to meet these requirements. The V range machines have been designed to allow an advanced level of conservation that will optimise organization of the products dedicated to special nutrition needs, which can be stored without any risk of contamination. Thanks to its small size and four separated wells or trays, which all the models are equipped with, it is now possible to store safely those specific gelato flavours.

V410 gelato display

The V410 is also an excellent piece of gelato equipment for those professionals working in areas characterised by a tropical and very unstable climate.  This refrigerated display allows storage at different temperature; each gelato flavour, slush or, generally speaking, cold dessert requires a specific temperature that you can now set thanks to the many innovative features; all these high-tech refrigerators include an electronic thermostat, adjustable positive and negative temperatures, refrigeration cabin that can be positioned at your choice both laterally or at the bottom of the unit; lid can be rotated in each direction for an easier opening; low maintenance thanks to static evaporation and lastly the smart tropicalized refrigeration system up to 43 °.  One small unit can meet many different requirements, plus the made in Italy design always gives that touch of style that makes your gelato shop together with the quality of your products, a must go destination.

V410 has been approved by FIC Federazione Italiana Cuochi (Italian Chefs Destination); AMPI Associazione Italiana Maestri Pasticceri (Italian Association Master Pastry Chefs); NIC Nazionale Italiana Cuochi (Italian Chefs National Team)

federazione italiana cuochilogo ampi accademia maestri pasticceri italianilogo NIC nazionale italiana cuochi