VISION by Coldline Commercial Refrigeration

On May 13th 2015 Euroquip held an interactive and educational forum intended for both re-sellers and end users of the Euroquip range.

The VISION Technology Forum was focused on proving, gelato making and blast chilling techniques and included various demonstrations and samples of creative foods that can be made with the help of the Coldline refrigeration and Staff multi-function machines.

International guests Chef Fabrizio Sangiorgi and Andrea Mazza were present and they shared their expertise and knowledge through a charismatic performance with the help of Chef Claudio Tallarico who flew in from Western Australia to attend.

Together the trio prepared foods using innovative techniques that ensure the highest quality results. They impressed the audience who were happy to sample tarts, panna cotta, snap frozen fruits, gelato, sorbets, as well as sauces, custard filled pastries and meats.

A major highlight of the Vision Technology forum was how a multifunction blast chiller form Coldline can improve the management of any kitchen. The unit, which can blast chill, prove, store, freeze, thaw and more, is the ultimate machine to improve preservation and preparation of food without compromising quality.

Also incorporated into the performance of entertaining demonstrations was the Staff Ice Systems range of machines. One machine can do both hot and cold functions and produce outstanding gelato, ice creams and sorbets as well as custard crèmes, sauces and ratatouille. It can pasteurize as well as batch freeze, heat and mix. To have so many functions in a single machine is unusual and really needs to be seen to be believed, which is why an educational forum was necessary to introduce the product to the market as more than just a gelato making machine.

Other topics that were covered were cost saving and waste management within the kitchen, chocolate crystallization and the properties of a good traditional Italian gelato.

One attendee to the forum, Executive Chef Paolo De Luca gave feedback saying “The forum was very interesting and well run by the chefs… thank you again for the invitation.”

Due to the outstanding success and positive feedback from attendees, Euroquip will hold more of these forums in other states later in the year.