The famous Chef. Maurizio Albavera specialising in catering events, shares his experience with VISION by Coldline. This high-tech blast chiller and prover will improve the quality of your service, while saving you time and money.

“The problems of my work, which is mainly focused on banqueting, are first and foremost related to programming. Knowing VISION for me was a major turning point; today I can handle more events during the weekend, which is the busiest time.

Our preparation begins on Monday, so until Wednesday we freeze products and from Thursday onwards, we blast chill them. 90% of the products arriving at a wedding location have been previously blast chilled and they only need to be regenerated. By getting everything ready beforehand, you are much more confident in calculating food doses and therefore you always are in control of the food cost for each serving served, whether it is finger food or a main course.

I used to freeze the fried pastry in my laboratory and regenerate it at a second time. Raw fish is very expensive. From May onwards, which is the beginning of the wedding season, I do not even throw away a single portion of raw fish. My dishes are entirely prepared beforehand and then frozen; as soon as I receive the order, I begin to prepare the dish by using the frozen products; something like a Salmon Tartar, Snapper Braid or a Shrimp go directly under defrosting.

During the time the waiter serves drinks and bread at a table, my plate gets ready to be eaten. Each product needs a specific and correct blast chilling process; VISION allows me to blast chill or freeze anything in the correct, scientific and accurate way, while respecting the organoleptic properties of the ingredients I use in my kitchen. The difference between blast chilling the Roast Beef the standard way and a custom cut method is enormous.

The processing time might be a little bit longer, but there is a significant reduction in the weight loss that is around 8% and 10%. The economic benefits that come from the constant use of VISION are enormous. During Summer I never used any specific appliance because the kitchen temperature was 30 degrees and I arranged all the proving at room temperature. The problem with that was that the products dried and I couldn’t obtain the same result each time from cooking.

The crusts weren’t homogeneous and they got broken very easily when regenerated. My lab is located only 50m from the sea and therefore I am subjected to many weather changes, in fact, my leavened products were always different. Thanks to VISION, I can recreate an ideal climate for every kind of yeast and products that need to be leavened”.

VISION by Coldline Commercial Refrigeration is exclusively distributed in Australia by Euroquip Food Service Equipment
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