Yep, Right. Because who doesn’t like to indulge in a creamy, soft, delicious Gelato cone (eventually topped with whipped cream)!?!?

Sweet but not too sweet, nutritious but healthy, cheap & handy, artisan Italian Gelato has become, together with Pizza and Pasta, another “universal” food and a gold mine business in Australia.

Corner Gelato shops exploding into national franchising chains in just a few years, have caught a great attention and many people are looking to start a gelato business.  Well, it’s definitely a good idea, the gelato industry offers good margins and a huge growth potential.  However you should avoid a leap into the dark, as like in every business, in order to succeed, there are some important steps.

Quality is the key to determine the success of your Gelateria.  If you want to put your Gelato “in the mouth of everyone” and consequently turn your investment into wealth, quality (stick it on your wall) is your first and most important ingredient.

The investment required to open a gelato shop consists of both tangible and intangible goods. It is crucial to prepare a detailed plan to consider several factors. Buy or lease a location in an area that is exposed to a wide foot traffic, choose your name and make sure is not already in use in the state, then apply for all the licenses and permits required by your local governments.

Location and size of the shop will also determine the cost of the initial investment in equipment. The most important machines are of course the batch freezer, the freezer and the display. The Gelato display is a calling card for your gelateria, is your first marketing tool to attract and inspire customers and it’s fundamental to keep it immaculate and to draw upon your creativity to enhance the 5 senses.

Check the range of the equipment necessary for a Gelato Business!

When you start, you still don’t know the reaction of the market, for this reason we suggest offering from 10 up to 15 different flavours, including the great classic ones: chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut, Fiordilatte (milk),salted caramel, pistachio and lemon or strawberry. It’s your “starter kit” around which you will create your unique and distinctive menu, as you go. They might seem too many options but it will help you to find out what your customers like the most. Star Gelato Chefs become popular because they know how to surprise with originality and delight with tastiness. Your customers will lead you in the right direction. If your Gelateria is located in that kind of hipster suburb, your clientele will probably be open to experiencing new horizons and trying gourmet gelato recipes, instead in a family area you will find more profitable to focus on traditional and cosy flavours.

Given that it’s a food product, you also need to know the risks involved with the product, its storage and ideal temperature. Notions of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) are recommended together with proper refrigeration equipment as a blast chiller, to eliminate the possibility of contamination and preserve the gelato in better conditions for longer.

Organize a bomb opening day to launch your ultimate gluttony destination, it’ll help a lot. Make sure you advertise the event locally through the most appropriate communication channel and remember that …

“You can’t buy joy, but you can buy gelato”. And that’s kind of the same thing.