The iBread and iCake era

Bread, despite the consequences on our nutrition of globalization, trends, weight control and unlimited offer of food in general, remains a life habit, with the bakery industry producing extravagant varieties: traditional White Bread, Wholemeal, Whole Grain, Seeded, Baguettes, Artisan Loaves, Grissini, Focaccia, Ciabatta and Gourmet Breads seasoned with olives, potatoes, rosemary, fennel, walnut and even figs. Bread is nowadays a billion dollars industry in Australia.

Fifty years ago Australia was a white bread nation and anyone who wanted another type of bread had to bake it at home. Bread has always been an undeniable aliment and an easy comfort food  (I know .. I should slow down… but it’s hard to resist a slice of garlic bread or bread and Nutella … or Prosciutto sandwich … or just damn good bread!).

People love to go to their local baker and get their scented and freshly baked bread, and they are always looking for something innovative.  These days the big growth area is in premium quality baked products, made from exceptional ingredients and thanks to perfectly executed techniques.  Baking todays is an art as confirmed by the media attention.

Cakes are an enormous market share. This industry includes sophisticated and traditional pastry, large cakes, cupcakes, cookies, bakery sweets and much more. Some of these products are considered cuddles for special occasions. This is particularly true for cakes designed for special events, such as weddings, birthdays, engagement parties, etc. Cakes are a particularly remunerative market as consumers are often available to spend large amounts of money on cakes for special events. Cakes’ market is beyond food industry, pastry is fashion.

Behind the cosy thought of warm morning bread or the absolute masterpiece of our favourite cake designer, there is another world of people working on testing the newest technologies for bakery ovens, pastry appliances and tools.If the quality of bakery products has exceeded itself during the last few years it’s because research, science and engineering have provided the market with premium equipment and first quality ingredients.

If the quality of bakery products has exceeded itself during the last few years it’s because research, science and engineering have provided the market with premium equipment and first quality ingredients.

Immagini 037
Multi-functionality Bake & Pizza

The serieF-Fanbake from Moretti Forni is a family of electric convection ovens which are at the top of the bakery oven market. The highest quality technology and a particular attention to reducing costs make the F series a wise choice for bakeries and patisseries.

The serieF-Fanbake range, with its modern and polished design fascinates at first sight and the advanced technological features establish these ovens as a leader in their category. All models are equipped with double tempered glass door, stainless steel interior, control panel without protrusions for easy cleaning and sophisticated electronics with whitebrite display.

F80E is a versatile electric convection oven 5 trays 60×40, an ideal solution for small bakeries and patisseries. The alternating ventilation system guarantees a perfect cooking consistency with the possibility of adjusting the quantity of steam.

iDeck Bakery Ovens By Moretti Forni. Made In Italy

The iDeck range of electric pizza deck ovens by Moretti Forni are integrated and intelligent products that are also easy to use. The results from this range of ovens are excellent quality cooking with an extraordinary quality to price ration and low energy consumptions.

The iDeck double comprises of two cooking element and an optional leavening compartment or support. The oven cooking surface is made of refractory material that provides perfectly even heat distribution over the whole surface, making this oven particularly suitable to cook pizza, either directly on the surface or on trays.

Temperature adjustment is electro mechanic, with independent control of the ceiling and floor heating elements. The oven door is hinged at the bottom, with a tempered glass window to check the state of the product while it is cooking. The support comprises a painted metal structure, whereas the leavening compartment has a stainless steel structure and is fitted with a heating thermostat. The leavening compartment can reach a maximum temperature of 65°C, whereas the maximum temperature of the baking chamber is 450°C.