Davide Oldani is the Italian Chef who invented the #PopCuisine; Sophisticated flavours and high food qualities are now possible for a very affordable price.

Extract from Cucina Pop website ” “My Cucina POP comes from the desire to blend the essential with the well-made, to create something good that is accessible, to combine tradition with innovation. I am convinced that the greatness of Italian cuisine lies – not only in the variety and flavours – but also because it is open to continuous re-interpretation: I have done this with simplicity, giving importance to each ingredient and having seasonal products and quality as the foundation of my cuisine. On these two cornerstones I have added the principle that guides me in the preparation of each dish: the search for harmony by balancing contrasting elements, which for me means not only the promise of sweetness in something savoury and a “memory” of savoury in something sweet, but also the harmonious co-existence in each dish of elements that stimulate the palate, crisp, soft, hot, cold, sweet, bitter…”

The Michelin Starred Chef is also recognized as one of 50th ambassadors of Italian Food in the world. We can count several collaborations of Oldani with important TV shows and many popular cooking publications. The Michelin Chef started a new chapter of his renowned “ Pop Cusine” with the opening of D’O restaurant in Cornaredo, Italy.

Davide Oldani works with LIFE blast chiller, the domestic appliance equipped with professional features. In the video the chef explains the importance of using a blast chiller both for everyday cooking and for fine cuisine and patisserie.