There are many advantages to adding a blast chiller to your food production equipment and Coldline’s range of blast chillers are ideal to cater for a variety of applications across the food service industry.

The advantages of using a blast chilling unit can be combined into three broad categories: food quality and safety, cost saving & waste reduction and planning and organisation. No matter what cuisine you specialise in, a blast chiller can make your food production easier, save your bottom line and preserve the flavour of fresh food for longer.

  • Quality and Food Safety
    Traditional cooling of a food can cause rapid deterioration, but with Coldline blast chillers storage times are extending while maintaining the shape, aroma, flavour and appearance of your dishes unaltered.
    Blast chilling is the process of rapidly dropping the temperature of food to pass through the danger zone of +68°C to +8°C as fast as possible. The purpose of this is to avoid the heightened risk of bacteria multiplying as well as to cause less damage to the food in the freezing process.
    Coldline blast chillers and refrigeration products are setting new standards in food preparation and storage hygiene, raising the bar of quality and food safety management.}
    Ensuring you comply with HACCP standards has never been easier. You can now rest assured that meals are safe and your duties of reporting are taken care of with the HACCP recorder option available with all Coldline units.
    With better production and storage options you can choose more advanced raw materials meaning that creating new flavours, experimenting with new ingredients and being more creative is now possible.
  • Cost Savings and Waste Reduction
    The benefits of blast chilling can affect your profit margins by reducing production costs and waste, rationalising purchases and storing foods for longer to increase profits.  It’s important to be ready to meet customer demand, but wastage of food is a big problem that affects profits.
    By extending the shelf life of blast chilled foods makes it possible to purchase some foods in bulk when they are less expensive and store them safely for when they are to be used.
    High quality blast chilling reduces the loss of water and liquids from foods such as meats and vegetables. If the product is sold on weight this means there is no loss of value due to the freezing and defrosting process.
    Coldline Blast Chillers are also efficient to run with a 30% saving in energy consumption, so they are good for the environment and the cheque book.
  • Planning and Organisation
    Due to the longer shelf life of blast chilled foods organisation production is easier and more flexible. Blast chilling allows you to prepare larger quantities of dishes in advance and buy seasonal foods when they are more readily available.
    Have the option of blast chilling in your kitchen allows you to expand your menu without adding pressure to your production staff. Having a wider variety of dishes for your customers to choose from no longer has to mean more wastage or extra hands in the kitchen.

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