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Gigino @ My Kitchen’s Story

“The name Gigino comes from the movie “The dinner Rush” which I watched many years ago. I just wanted to open up a little eatery where people could experience authentic Italian style pizzas and some home cooked meals”. That’s how Attilio Labbozzetta, owner at Gigino (3/338 Hamilton Rd Fairfield West NSW 2164) explains his project… Continue reading Gigino @ My Kitchen’s Story

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Diners Hail Rosso Pomodoro “Best Pizza in Sydney”

Rosso Pomodoro ” Best Pizza in Sydney” Just across the Anzac Bridge from Sydney’s CBD, tucked away by Balmains White Bay waterfront, Rosso Pomodoro is a clear favourite for locals and out-of-towners alike. They do simple but they do it well and their slogan shows their commitment to this concept: ‘We Make Pizza.’ Boasting that… Continue reading Diners Hail Rosso Pomodoro “Best Pizza in Sydney”

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