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The iBread and iCake era

The iBread and iCake era Bread, despite the consequences on our nutrition of globalization, trends, weight control and unlimited offer of food in general, remains a life habit, with the bakery industry producing extravagant varieties: traditional White Bread, Wholemeal, Whole Grain, Seeded, Baguettes, Artisan Loaves, Grissini, Focaccia, Ciabatta and Gourmet Breads seasoned with olives, potatoes,… Continue reading The iBread and iCake era

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Organized Proving, you can!

Proving whenever needed – even by night WHAT IS A RETARDER/PROVER? A retarder/prover is a valuable instrument in any bakery or pastry shop, but it is also very useful in the catering industry. With this unit, your dough will rise in a temperature and humidity controlled environment, by day or by night, allowing you to… Continue reading Organized Proving, you can!

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