Congratulations to our customers nominated between the best pizzas in Sydney for 2017! 5 out of 10!
Al Taglio, Rosso Pomodoro Pizzeria Balmain, Society Di Catania, Coogee Pavilion, Frankie’s Pizza By The Slice!

Sydney’s Best Pizza (2017)

If there’s one thing that the Sydney pizza scene offers, it’s variety. While many cities remain pizza purists (claiming that the only way to make a pizza is the old Neapolitan style), Sydney seems to have no problem serving up a humble thin-base Margherita right next to a thick, deep-pan, by-the-slice cheesy pepperoni. And we’ve gotta say… we love it! Here are some of the greats: Whether it’s by the slice, or by the pan, pizza lovers cannot go past these Sydney hotspots.
Society Pizzeria di Catania

Society Pizzeria di Catania Pizza
This quaint and cosy Bondi pizzeria pulls some proper Sicilian flavours out of the wood-fired oven. Society Pizzeria di Catania shows serious passion in the art of pizza-making, with two different types of dough (depending on whether you are dining in, or taking away). From Margherita ($17), to Capricciosa ($21) and gamberi ($21), the pizzas are bold, with a solid crunch and burn to every bite. Roll in on a Monday or Tuesday night for an incredible $20 all you can eat tasting menu.
Al Taglio

Al Taglio Pizza
With sourdough bases prepared over 48 hours, Al Taglio brings another level of complexity to pizza. Offering a crisper taste than your standard puffy base, this Surry Hills gem lets the cheese dance in a way rarely seen in these parts. Offering up an incredible ‘4 Cheese + Truffle’ – blue cheese, mascarpone, mozzarella and parmigiana ($23), Al Taglio also recommends an accompanying wine or beer (in this case, a refreshing L’Ambrata beer). The menu is condensed, but each pizza resides in an entirely different realm. If it’s your first time, definitely start with the namesake ‘Al Taglio’ – tomato base, mozzarella, Bangalow ham and whipped cream peas ($23).
Coogee Pavillion

Coogee Pavillion Pizza
While Coogee Pavilion may not be the immediate place coming to mind for many pizza-loving foodies, this re-imagined beachside emporium of seafood, cocktails and sun is the perfect environment for a cheesy slice of heaven. In the centre of the audacious ground floor space sits a searing wood-fired pizza oven. And by golly are they churning out the goods. You’ll find all your thin-based favourites (capricciosa ($25), gamberi ($28), margherita ($23), maiala ($26)), but you absolutely cannot go past the ‘Gnomo’ – san marzano tomato base, fior de latte cheese, Italian sausage, mushrooms and truffle pecorino cheese ($27). Pair this with a fresh Aperol Spritz, and you’ve got an absolute Sunday session.
Rosso Pomodoro

Rosso Pomodoro Pizza
Rosso Pomodoro has been blessing the streets of Balmain with its fresh and light pizzas since 2006. It’s busy, it’s loud, and it’s fun. Preparing their dough for a staggering 72 hours, Ross Pomodoro brings quality ingredients, with a ‘less is more’ approach to their pizzas. The menu is extensive, with three different types of margherita and a separate menu for pizzas with tomato base, and those with a white base, you know the place is serious. The simple namesake ‘Rosso Pomodoro’ pizza is to die for (tomato, ricotta, cherry tomatoes, rocket – $20), but we found love again in the form of ‘Porcini e Prosciutto’ – light fior di latte cheese, porcini mushrooms, prosciutto ($27).
Frankie’s Pizza

Frankie’s Pizza Pizza
Frankie’s Pizza is an underground Sydney institution. Not only because it smacks live music gigs almost every day of the week, but because it also dishes up some of the best pizza in Sydney (plus it’s open until 3am – so, you know, drunk pizza is the best pizza). The menu is simple, but extensive. We’re talking cheese (ricotta, smoked mozzarella, provolone, gorgonzola), mushrooms, spicy sausage, prawns, ham, basil, and… truffle oil (omg!). Serving pizzas by the slice or by the plate, Frankie’s is not your typical pizza house. But when it’s 1:30 a.m., and you’re hitting up the pinball machines and listening to some dirty live grunge, it’s the perfect combination. Ps. You MUST try the ‘Stugots’ – sausage, mushroom, tomato, truffle oil, cheese ($22).


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