Moretti Forni Conveyor Oven cooked THOUSANDS of pizzas at Sydney Royal Easter Show!

This year at Euroquip we took a new challenge by exhibiting at Sydney Royal Easter Show 2018 in collaboration with Bianco Kitchen. The aim of this successful co-marketing operation has been the creation of the TASTE OF ITALY stand, a new point of reference, part of the huge Easter event, representing all the best products made in Italy. TASTE OF ITALY delighted a huge audience with best Italian foods and brands, including Nutella, artisan cheese making, and obviously a perfectly cooked and genuine Italian pizza. While Euroquip supply equipment for different pizza styles, this time we opted for the Moretti Forni conveyor oven T64E

The specific features of T64E allowed us to satisfy a huge demand in a very short time frame. The technology used on the T64E serieT is the most refined available on the market today.
The cold external surfaces, thanks to the exclusive patented Cool-Around®Technology, helped Euroquip staff to work safely in a small and busy space. The Dual-Temp®Technology allowed our staff to adjust both top and bottom temperatures inside the same chamber, to find the best cooking calibration quickly.

Also, the Adaptive-Power®Technology allowed proportional power control for escalated efficiency and lowered energy consumption. No gas equipment was authorized during the Easter Show and the electric system of the T64E, perfectly complied with this requirement.

The T64E has a production capacity of 25 pizzas/h, which can be doubled by simply adding a second deck. This electric oven reaches a temperature of  320°C in just 15 minutes, perfectly matching the busiest venue’s needs that have a very tight working schedule. Extreme ease of use, thanks to the automatic conveyor belt, guarantees excellent results in a very short time. Just set the time and right temperatures and the oven will do the rest.
With a T64E conveyor oven, it only takes from 3 to 5 minutes to perfectly cook a pizza and make your customers happy.