Staff Ice System Is Sponsoring The National Italian Chefs’ Team

The NIC, National Italian Chefs Team, is a compartment of the FIC, Italian Chef Federation. It is the representative body of the same, ambassador of the chefs and Italian cuisine in the world.

The NIC has two teams – Senior and Junior – whose chefs are selected to represent the excellence of Italian cuisine in the world competitions. The Team Manager Chef Daniele Caldarulo prepares his team of champions through workouts and challenges, to compete with other top international teams.

STAFF ICE SYSTEM, the premium Italian brand specialized in cold equipment, is proudly sponsoring this superior team.

” God made food, the devil the cooks”. J. Joyce.

Staff Ice System is also  Sponsor of the Confectionery, Gelato and Chocolate’s World Championship and of Cake Design’s World Championship, which takes place in Milan every 2 years.


The company  specialized since 1959 in cold equipment has designed a particular machine that can operate in extreme weather conditions and in countries where water is a rare commodity… An optional characterized by great technological innovation, the result of the hard work in research of the Staff’s engineers, that you can apply both in batch freezers and pasteurizers, as well as in the multi-function machines. So not only gelato, but also custard creams, jams, chocolate, culinary preparation and much more, to facilitate the job for professionals in the field.