SMARTMIX – Horizontal Free-Standing – 7LT Tank
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SMARTMIX – Horizontal Free-Standing – 7LT Tank

Ice-Cream Machine RHS15/40 A, Batch Freezer | Horizontal System SMART MIX

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SMARTMIX RHS15/40 A is combined ice-cream machine, composed of 2 tanks. The upper tank is only a boiler and the lower tank is a horizontal batch-freezer with regulation to perfection for a correct ice-cream texture. Users can warm up the mix in the upper tank before moving it into the lower batch-freezer: thermal shock. The two tanks can work simultaneously. While the upper tank is warming up a mix, the lower one can make ice-creams and sorbets. Thanks to an internal butterfly valve in stainless steel, it is possible to move the mix from the upper tank to the lower one. This way it is possible to fill the upper tank with the quantity of mix you need to batch freeze in the lower one, stabilizing each recipe one at a time.

SMART MIX  Ice-Cream Machine Benefits:

  • A vertical and round tank that allows you to prepare concentrated blends and immediately save up to 30% of energy consumption
  • During the storage time, ice-cream base is not stressed by any quick stirrer. In the tank, there is just a large stirrer that stirs the mix slowly so as not to foam the product
  • A clear lid allows you to check the state of the mix throughout the whole production cycle.
  • Front control panel with possibility to select your favourite icons for a quicker setting of mixing, pasteurizing, custard cream, cooling, etc.
  • Temperature regulation with PID (proportional integral derivative).
  • Dry heating with an electronic card for a precision adjustment of the temperature.
  • Inverter Technology equipped with acceleration ramp to protect the transition from any mechanical stress
  • Chain drive transmission with life lasting lubricated gearboxes to reduce vibrations and swinging and avoid slippage, adjustments, and replacement of belts.
  • Polyethylene (PE) long-lasting scrapers for a perfect cleaning of the tank.
  • Tank defrosting switch to make every agitator’s restart easier.
  • Half load function to work even with small quantities of cream mixes.

Ice Cream Machine RHS15/40 A, Batch Freezer, Horizontal System SMART MIX, By Staff Ice System Made In Italy


  • • Automatic extraction multifunction/batch freezer/ ice cream maker
    • 2.5″ display with over 50 customisable programs
    • Variable agitator speed
    • Heating (up to 115˚C) and batch freezing
    • Magnetic safety device – stops working when the lid is opened
    • A double lid to add ingredients while the machine is working
    • Vertical tank to check state of mixture while pasteurising
    • Separate horizontal batch freezing tank
    • Have two mixes running at once (pasteurising and freezing)
    • Parts in contact with mixture in S/steel or non-toxic material
    • Agitator easily removed for cleaning
    • Shelf for container while extracting
    • Functions/recipes: Pasteurization gelato/ice cream mixes, pasteurization custard cream, pastofreezing, cooking culinary recipes: custard cream, jams, pasta bigne, gelatine, pâte à choux, rice for pastry, béchamel sauce, sauces etc.
MODEL Production
Hourly Production Max Capacity
RHS15/40 A 40 Litres/hour 5 litres

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