Ice Cream Maker, Batch Freezer, Horizontal System SMART MIX, By Staff Ice System Made In Italy


  • • Automatic extraction multifunction/batch freezer/ ice cream maker
    • 2.5″ display with over 50 customisable programs
    • Variable agitator speed
    • Heating (up to 115˚C) and batch freezing
    • Magnetic saftey device – stops working when the lid is opened
    • A double lid to add ingredients while the machine is working
    • Vertical tank to check state of mixture while pasteurising
    • Separate horizontal batch freezing tank
    • Have two mixes running at once (pasteurising and freezing)
    • Parts in contact with mixture in S/steel or non-toxic material
    • Agitator easily removed for cleaning
    • Shelf for container while extracting
    • Functions/recipes: Pasteurization gelato/ice cream mixes, pasteurization custard cream, pastofreezing, cooking culinary recipes: custard cream, jams, pasta bigne, gelatine, pâte à choux, rice for pastry, béchamel sauce, sauces etc.
MODEL Production
Hourly Production Max Capacity
RHT2/15 A 15 Litres/hour 2 litres / approx 2.3kg

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